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American Flag Background

American Flag Background - Shrouded in both history and to some degree in the mystery of its creation, the story of the American flag has been recounted many times by historians and yet its symbolism is only partly understood. Originally the symbol & banner of the thirteen colonies, its form & colors were chosen not on the basis of rational thought, but on the basis of intuition infused by spiritual truth and guidance which led to a correlation between the flag that America came to call her own. The intentionality of the realms of Spirit whose guiding light was ever watchful over the destiny of this nation.

At the time of her birth, America's flag was simple, with bands of red & white color. A circle of stars against a background of blue. Yet, in this simplicity lay a depth of meaning, for this composition of elements was not accidental, but held together by an overarching sense of meaning & purpose in concert with the higher realms of light. 

American flag or the national flag of the USA consists of a blue rectangle in the corner containing fifty white, small five pointed star and equal horizontal stripes consisting 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes. this American flag history relate to the 50 stars represent 50 states of The USA while the thirteen stripes represents thirteen British colonies that become the first states in the union and declared the independence from the Great Britain Kingdom. The Star Spangled Banner, Old Glory, and Stars and Stripes are the nickname of the flag.

The modern American flag history started when Major Robert Anderson relocated the U.S. quarters from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor in December 1860. This was argued by Adam Goodheart starting the move of Civil War. The flag symbolized the rejection of secessionism and nationalism of American and was used throughout the North. Before that moment, the flag was used mostly for military purpose or to mark American territory on ships, embassies, forts or special events like The Independence Day. Thanks to Major Robert Anderson, the flag seems as something encouraging and moving. More flags were stitched at that time. More houses, offices and churches put the flags. The flag that thousands of people would fight and die for.
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