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south african flag wallpaper hd

south african flag meaning | The new design of the South African flag came quickly. Just months before the 1994 elections, a committee was appointed to find the perfect design with little time. Of former State Herald, Fred Brownell led the team gave a week to arrive at a suitable design.

Brownell would have some sketches made ​​the previous year, while a conference vexillological (flag expert) in Switzerland. One of them was selected from both sides of the transitional government as the preferred model. It has even been to Nelson Mandela, who was in Rustenburg at the time of approval by fax.

The current South African flag is determined by the match between the indicators with the transitional government of the country, but was eventually assimilated as one of the official symbols of the new democracy.

The South African national flag was raised April 27, 1994, when the country held its first free elections. Today this is known as a day of freedom and is traditionally celebrated as a holiday on which the flag is flown. The first official appearance of the flag was the inauguration of Nelson Mandela, May 10 1994e

Officially, the colors of the South African flag have no symbolic outlet, even if they are incomparable historical origin. Black, yellow and green are the colors of the ruling ANC party. Red, white and blue are an allusion to the two flags of the European settlers and the old Boer republics

The importance of the design of the South African flag may, depending on the currency on the national coat of arms, the back lead reads: "ke e: / xarra // ke", which is the language of the Khoisan people / Xam, it "s unite different people. "

The "Y" means a convergence of diversity, which can be interpreted as the convergence of different elements within the South African society, in the way of unity.
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