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puerto rico flag and meaning | National flag of Puerto Rico was designed in 1894 by Francisco Gonzalo Marin. Marino used the Flag of Cuba as a model by simply inverting the colors of the Cuban flag it to give you a unique identity. It did not take long for the flag in popularity and is fast becoming recognized as the national flag of the country.

The flag consists of five horizontal stripes. The top, middle and bottom bands are red, while the in-between stripes are white. The pole side of the flag has a blue isosceles triangle with a white five-pointed star in the center. The significance of these different shapes and colors has changed somewhat over the years, but it is generally accepted that the red stripes symbolize the "blood", which leads the government or as a brave warrior and white stripes symbolize the victory, the freedom and independence . The blue triangle represents two of the three sides of the government and the blue waters of the ocean, while the white star symbolizes the island of Porto Rico
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