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cuban flag for sale

cuban flag and meaning | The official version of the meaning of the Cuban flag, which is from the Cuban government that the blue stripes refer to the three old divisions of the island and the two white stripes represent the strength of the independent ideal. They also claim that the red triangle symbolizes equality, fraternity and freedom, and to shed the blood in the struggle for the independence of the island. Finally, the white star is symbolizes the absolute freedom of the Cuban people.

The real story is that the Cuban flag was created by Narciso Lopez and Emilie Teurbe Tolon 1849 flag design was implemented proposed by the Cuban poet Miguel Teurbe Tolon.
Its design is with three blue stripes represent the sea, the island and two white stripes symbolizing the purity of the patriotic cause environment. The red triangle stands for the blood shed to free the nation and symbolizes the sky turned red the blood shed in the struggle. The white star in the red triangle means independence. Lopez carried this flag into battle in 1850 in Cardenas and even if he does not win, it was raised the first example of the flag of Cuba.
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