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The symbols and colors:

The five blue shields represent the five kings of Don Afonso Henriques Moorish (the father of the Portuguese kingdom) was defeated at the Battle of Ourique.
The five small blue shield white shield inside the Don Afonso Henriques Armor. Legend has it that the Battle of Ourique Christ crucified appeared before Don Afonso Henriques and said, "This is the sign (the white shield), you can win."
All points inside the blue shields represent the five wounds of Christ. Count the number of points the shields, they doubled in the middle of the screen, we get a total of thirty points represent the thirty pieces of silver Judas received for betraying Jesus Christ.
The castle is surrounded by seven white shield is the confirmed date named Don Afonso Henriques, the Moors.
The yellow sphere represents the world that the Portuguese sailors discovered fifteen (XV) and sixteen (XVI) for centuries, and the people with whom you exchange and traded.
The green represents hope and courage, and the red blood fell to the Portuguese in the battle.
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